Gaza is completely sealed off from the rest of the world by Israel’s apartheid wall and subjected to a debilitating siege for decades. Israel is carpet bombing Gaza. It has imposed a full blockade on Gaza, with no water, electricity, food or medicine entering the Strip. Telecommunications infrastructure has been bombarded, effectively cutting off Palestinians in Gaza from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the West Bank has been completely blocked – checkpoints closed all across, effectively paralyzing the whole territory. Israeli soldiers are shooting Palestinians and encouraging settlers to do so as well. The Palestinians have been held hostage by Israel for decades and they have been prisoners in their land for generations.

At least 26,637 people have been killed and 65,387 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. More than 10,000 are children. The Israeli offensive has left 85% of Gaza’s population internally displaced amid acute shortages of food, clean water, and medicine, while 60% of the enclave’s infrastructure was damaged or destroyed,

CHILDRITY with the help from our teammates based in Gaza emphasizing fund for children’s wellbeing as well as cash aid, medical aid and women necessities. In October 2023, we have distributed 155 baby necessities which are formula milks and diapers, 200 food parcels for the needy families and cash aid for 10 families; 300usd per family. In December 2023, CHILDRITY have conducted a psychosocial support program, led by psychosocial workers, with 500 children in a displacement camp in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip to provide emotional support to the kids. 500 winter clothes have been allocated to the children who take shelter in Haroun Al-Rashid School and 200 cash aid for the mothers. More distributions will be made soon inshaAllah as the Israeli aggression still take place in Gaza till today.