INDIA MISSION 2023 – Delhi, Bihar & Assam, India 2023

The India Mission, carried out collaboratively by CHILDRITY and AICT, spanned from June 10th to June 18th, at Delhi, Bihar and Assam. AICT organized a visit to one of slum areas in Delhi for the team to see the condition and experience the living of the people there. As part of the mission’s efforts to bring joy and happiness to children, CHILDRITY & AICT distributed candies to 150 kids aged 5 to 12 years. AICT distributed school bags and syllabus books to students at Al-Amin Public School. AICT prepared 200 hot meals to be distributed to the children from the village; promoting their nutritional well-being. In addition, 200 toys were also distributed by CHILDRITY to those children to engage them in playful activities.

The team also visited Jogeeeya in the Sitamari District, an area affected by a recent typhoon that caused damage to 300 houses and injured 150 individuals. Their houses were constructed with clay and wood. CHILDRITY distributed 10 sewing machines to 10 beneficiaries, supporting skill development. AICT generously distributed 9 battery rickshaws on behalf of CHILDRITY, empowering 9 individual beneficiaries with enhanced livelihood opportunities. CHILDRITY distributed 330 food parcels to 155 families in need. Each food parcel contained essential items such as rice, oil, sugar, salt, and dal, addressing nutritional needs and promoting food security. AICT added 20 additional food parcels, ensuring support for more families. The mission successfully installed 8 handpumps to provide access to clean and safe water for the communities. Out of these, 6 handpumps were 250FT deep, while 2 were 100FT deep, serving the water needs of the beneficiaries.

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