We're on a mission

The situation in Gaza are becoming more dire each day. With the Rafah border closed and restricted food supplies in warehouses, people are starting to die from starvation. No routes are open for aid to enter Gaza, except for the airdrops through Jordanian border, conducted by the Royal Jordanian Air Force.
For Ramadan 2024, our focus is to make Ramadan and ‘Eid meaningful for the oppressed and vulnerable children in Afghanistan, Syria and Palestine. We aim to make these children feel and celebrate “raya” like us. We plan to distribute eid clothes for children, eid gifts, iftar meals, Ramadan & Eid basket (per family) and sustainable projects in this 4 countries. We will update more on this Ramadan campaign soon. Stay tuned!
The Afghanistan Mission spanned from February 16th to February 26th, 2024 aimed to gain insights into Afghanistan’s vulnerabilities and identify potential areas for sustainable projects. We are raising funds for 2 sustainable projects in Mazar – water pumps and basic houses. We have identified potential areas for installing 2 units water pumps, to provide clean and safe water to locations with limited access to underground/pipe water. The initial plan was to buy 15 basic container houses for 105 families who live in vulnerable conditions – underground tents made from clay and used cloths.
Due to their lack of documentation, thousands of children in Semporna, Sabah are prevented to attend public schools. Our main project in Semporna is RUANG ISKUL – an alternative school for these stateless children, to give them access to education and to prepare them for a brighter future.
Abu Abdullah Camp in Mafraq, Jordan is a Syrian refugee’s camp that comprises 28 families. RUANG KITA is a cabin school in the camp that provides additional education access to 43 students to ensure thorough preparation before pursuing enrollment at the Jordan government school. This project is initiated as the parents concern about the children’s education in the government school because the school hours are short and the total number of students in the class is overwhelming.
The Israeli offensive has left 85% of Gaza’s population internally displaced amid acute shortages of food, clean water, and medicine, while 60% of the enclave’s infrastructure was damaged or destroyed, CHILDRITY with the help from our teammates based in Gaza emphasizing fund for children’s wellbeing as well as cash aid, medical aid and women necessities.