MISI KEMANUSIAAN SEMPORNA 1.0 & 2.0 – Semporna, Malaysia 2022

In October 2022, CHILDRITY in collaboration with IMPACTIVE MALAYSIA, went to Semporna, Sabah for a humanitarian mission focusing on period poverty, circumcision program and food parcel distribution. The people from perkampungan atas air lived in poverty because they are stateless – they do not have access to education and no job opportunity being offered to them.

Women and girls in perkampungan atas air are struggling with period poverty as they are financially incapable to buy disposable pads. In cooperation with SUCI CUP team, we distributed 400 reusable pads and 23 menstrual cups for the women. On the flip side, IMPACTIVE MALAYSIA carried out a circumcision program for 94 boys aged 4 to 18 years old from underprivileged families. The circumcision process led by Dr. Jawahir Madeaming from Poliklinik Sejati Merotai. In addition, we distributed 120 packs of food parcels to help deprived families in the community. Each food parcel contained essential items such as rice, potatoes, noodles, sugar, salt, soy sauce and tea. This distribution benefited 1,700 people in Kampung Ambuk-ambuk, Pulau Nusa Tengah dan Kg. Halo Hujung.

Two months later, in December 2022, we went to Semporna again for Semporna Humanitarian Mission 2.0. This mission emphasized food parcel distribution to help more needy families and revamped an old mosque in Kampung Halo Hujung. 5000 food parcel have been allocated for 500 families. The mosque was unsupervised – leaked roofs, holed floor, broken wall and no proper place for ablution. The renovation process took about two months.

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